Say hello to the future of hydration.

Your tap. Unlike before.

Enjoy purified chilled, boiling and sparkling water directly from any regular tap.

Plug and play with any tap. No modifications required.

Install in 10 minutes.

Minimal effort.
Maximum enjoyment.

Uncompromising purification.

Uncompromising purification.

Taste the difference.
Remove viruses, chlorine, lead, hormones, microplastics and pesticides from your water.

Still or sparkling?

Just ask Siri, Google or Alexa.

Plug and play.

Control any Xarkle device using your existing tap.
No modifications required.

Smart tap. Intelligent hydration.

Track your hydration and manage your water using your phone or smartwatch.

Clear your bench.

You no longer need your kettle, filter jug or soda maker.