Control the flow.

Select your water using only the handle of your tap.

Hot and cold.

Use your tap as normal for regular hot and cold.

All of your water is now purified.


Turn your cold tap on and then pulse your water slowly to activate chilled water.

Slow Pulse


Turn your cold tap on and then pulse your water to activate sparkling.

Quick Pulse


Touch the HeatSafe ring and then pulse the hot water once to change the flow to boiling.

Touch and Pulse

Same tap.
More function.

Xarkle devices add water choices to your tap. The option of regular hot and cold water will always be there, but they'll be accompanied by so much more.

Voice control meets your water needs.

When your Xarkle device is first switched on, it will automatically analyse your water flow and detect water pulses allowing you to select heated, sparkling or chilled water.


Want more control? Link to your assistant in the Xarkle app.

"Pour 300ml of boiling water"

Command precision and get rid of those measuring cups.

"I'll have 4°C sparkling water"

Customise your water temperatures or ask your assistant for something different.

& App.

Select your water with tap pulses, an assistant or the Xarkle app - the choice is yours.

Safe and Simple.

The HeatSafe ring keeps safety at the heart of your kitchen.

Safety first.

Unlock boiling water activation by touching the HeatSafe ring.  

No power.
No problem.

Place the HeatSafe ring under your tap to pass power under the bench to your Xarkle products.





Your Heat, Sparkle & Chill devices sync so that you can enjoy a full range of water. The devices communicate wirelessly so you don't have to deal with any cords below your countertop. To pair, simply hold down the single button on each device until the LEDs flash, and you're all done.
The Xarkle Heat, Sparkling & Chill devices are completely modular. You choose which device to start with and build from there... or get them all at once.