Chill, Sparkle, Heat.

Any tap, any time.

Enjoy filtered, boiling, sparkling & chilled water from any tap, along with your regular hot and cold. Simply slot your Xarkle device under the sink and you'll be ready to go within 10 minutes.

Never wait again.

Get instant access to the water of your choice. No more waiting for the kettle. No more bulky water jugs in the fridge. No more expensive specialised taps.
Whatever beverage you want, it's always ready to go.

2 litres on tap.

We’ve proven that form and function can co-exist. Each Xarkle device has an impressively large tank beneath its sleek exterior. The ultra fast refill capability enables the entire tank to be topped up with sparkling and heated water in less than 30 seconds.

Keep it chill.

Xarkle Chill filters and cools your water, leaving you to enjoy ice-cold still and sparkling. Found a temperature that's just right? Select it in-app or ask your voice assistant and your device will adjust to your needs.

Getting fizzy.

Xarkle Sparkle tastes as good as it sounds. Insert a Carbon-Xero CO₂ Cylinder into the front of your device and it will deliver up to 100L of filtered sparkling water. We’ve built in additional functionality so you can choose your exact carbonation levels, ensuring that your device is catering for your exact preferences.

Feel the heat.

Xarkle Heat gives you access to boiling water straight from your tap. That means convenience like never before. Tea and coffee at your preferred temperature at the pulse of a tap. Drink up in your kitchen with its newly cleared bench space. So calm and quiet. We’ve ensured our tanks are highly insulated, meaning that Xarkle Heat is significantly more energy efficient than a kettle.

Impressively modular.
Perfect together.

Xarkle devices are completely modular, allowing them to function solo, as a duo, or as a complete set. You can pick and choose any combination of the Heat, Sparkle, and Chill devices to fulfil your needs.

Smart Control.

Access your tap's new capabilities with our PulseControl technology. Simply turn your tap on and pulse to access sparkling and chilled. Touch the HeatSafe ring and pulse the hot tap for boiling water.

Want to take a hands off approach? Control your water via your Google, Alexa, or Siri, or via the Xarkle app.

More than one Xarkle device? Simply hold the pairing button and the Xarkle machines will automatically connect with one another, working seamlessly together to deliver the perfect mix of water to your glass.

How it Works

Easy Install in 10 mins.

Keep the drill in the shed, this one's easy. Xarkle's simple install process means there's no need to call the plumber or electrician. Simply switch off the water and place the Xarkle EasyFit connector between the mains and your tap.

No power under your sink? Use the Xarkle HeatSafe ring to route power from any plug from above the bench.


Now you see me.

All that function, hidden under your bench.

Mighty performance, mini form.

Xarkle devices balance form and function in an unprecedented way. They are a fraction of the size of competing brands, without compromising performance.

The size isn't the only thing that's smaller than expected. Xarkle devices retrofit your tap in a more affordable way than ever before.  

over 3x less expensive
Zip HydroTap G4 Classic (Boiling Only)
Quooker Flex PRO3 (Boiling Only)
6x larger
Zip Hydrotap Classic Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling
Quooker Cube (Baseline)
Connect device to mains and tap using EasyLink connector
2 - 6 hours
Zip Tap
Drill bench, install new tap and replumb, reroute electricity, setup device
Quooker (Baseline)
Drill bench, install new tap and replumb, reroute electricity, setup device
2 - 6 hours

Power to the palm.

Want even more control? Effortlessly link your device to the Xarkle app and unlock a world of additional functionality.

So much control.

Linking your Xarkle device to your iPhone or Android app allows you to customise temperatures and carbonation levels so that every glass is perfectly tailored to you. You can even view all your home and hydration info in one place by linking to your health and home automation apps.

Keeping hydrated.

We care about your hydration, because we know that it helps ensure your focus and energy are at an optimum. The Xarkle app can send you reminders if it looks like you're not quite going to meet your recommended water intake.
Look back to move forward. You can view your previous consumption stats to see how you're progressing. Get on a hydration streak and feel the difference.

Be the first to know.

Insert a filter or CO₂ tank into your Xarkle device and it will automatically track its usage and display the data in-app.

We never want your to be caught short. You can receive a notification when you are running low on CO₂ or filtration so you know to make an order for more, or you can set up for auto-orders and we sort that all for you. We are here to make things simple, and give you back your precious time.

Your data. Never for sale.

At Xarkle, we treat data privacy seriously. Usage data from all Xarkle devices is never given or sold to 3rd parties, with no exceptions. Your consumption data is yours to view and delete as you please, all at the touch of a button.

Siri, Google, Alexa.

Xarkle devices work with your favourite home assistant, so they will seamlessly slot into your current home setup. This allows you to make custom requests, and save your favourites, whether that's a water measurement or temperature.

How it Works

"Hey Siri, sparkling water please."

Pick your water type.

"Alexa, pour me 400ml of boiling water."

Get that recipe just right.

"Okay Google, 5 degree chilled water."

Your perfect temperature, delivered instantly.

Let there be bubbles.

Going the distance.

A CarbonXero CO₂ cylinder can make up to 100 litres of sparkling water with our ultra-efficient carbonation system. Internal monitors track and tune the exact carbonation level, so you're always delivered that perfect amount of sparkle. Like it extra fizzy? The carbonation level is completely customisable.


Our carbon neutral CO₂ tanks are offset, so no glass of Xarkle sparkling water contributes to climate change.

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Filtered to perfection.

Xarkle devices serve you the purest filtered water. Our ion exchange carbon filters remove unwanted elements from your water, providing you with clean, delicious water, regardless of the water you're working with.

Pure water, nothing else.

Water typically accounts for over 80% of your daily diet, and so the quality of it shouldn't be overlooked. We use a plant-based activated carbon filter with optional water softening, to reduce the presence of chlorine, zinc, copper, cadmium and mercury. This means your water tastes and smells better. Our filters, along with all the components in Xarkle devices, are all BPA free.

Goodbye viruses and bacteria.

As well as helping to eliminate the presence of heavy metals such as lead, our filter significantly reduces the presence of viruses, hormones and bacteria present in your water supply, keeping you and your household happy and healthy.

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Plant Based Plastic.

Eliminating bottled water from your day-to-day reduces unnecessary and energy intensive plastic usage. Xarkle helps you to fill up your bottle, not the landfill.

Eliminating bottled water from your day-to-day reduces unnecessary and energy intensive plastic usage. Xarkle helps you to fill up your bottle, not the landfill.

A commitment to sustainability.

Our casing is manufactured using a biodegradable 100% plant based plastic, helping to reduce our product's footprint, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Fill that bottle, not the drain.

You can track your water usage through the Xarkle app. This provides you with greater awareness of where water might be being wasted, and empowers you to make positive changes that respect the valuable resource that is water.

Water scarcity is an ever more present issue in our increasingly commodity reliant society.

Up the efficiency.

With unrivalled thermal insulation, our devices save on bills as well as time.

Extreme insulation.

Our devices are fitted wall to wall with high performance insulation to ensure no energy is wasted. Say goodbye to the days of letting boiling water go to waste from overfilling your kettle. Xarkle provides you with the boiling water you need, and keeps excess water heated and ready for later use. This highly efficient system saves energy, helping to reduce your electricity bill.

Cheaper than bottles.

Our devices are fitted wall to wall with high performance insulation to ensure no energy is wasted to the surroundings. Instead of boiling too much water in the kettle, only the water you use is heated, with the rest kept hot for when you next need it. This highly efficient system saves energy, helping to reduce your electricity bill.